Importance Of Mythology In Modern Media

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Mythology in Modern Media Barjaa Brown Virginia Commonwealth University I am currently studying mythology in modern media because I want to find out how it is used in popular culture so that I might better understand the effects its use has on meaning and society. This project is reasonable and compelling because mythology and its allusions are found everywhere, from logos to lyrics and literature to television. When used, they help add complexity and meaning to a given text, painting, object or situation. The purpose of this topic is to address and explore the various impacts of modern media’s interpretation and use of ancient mythology. Through this, I seek to gain, and share, a more well-rounded understanding of mythology, specifically the influence it has had on shaping different cultures, as well as its impact on mankind’s perception of the world. The current portrayal of mythology in modern media has diluted its meaning. Because myths are often depicted…show more content…
However, the majority of Shakespeare’s current audience is composed of high school students, many who lack, and at times do not possess, adequate knowledge about mythology. Because of the time in which his plays, histories, and poems were published in, his target audience would have been able to recognize the majority of his allusions. Back then, Greco-Roman mythology was brought back during the Renaissance. Today, our media, along with school curriculum, is less saturated with ancient mythology. [maybe add transition here?] This is the case for many other artistic works, which leads consumers to believe that the work is a wholly original idea constructed/assembled by its creator. At this point, though the attempt may have been sincere and harmless, the myth has been masked. This problem is only further exacerbated by deliberate

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