Media Spectacle In The Media

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Media Spectacle Media Spectacles has become an enormous part of our everyday live. Almost every particular aspect of our lives is encircled by some sort of spectacle that is trying to catch human attention. According to Dannielle Stewart the owner of the blog COM 451 “the idea of media spectacle is basically saying that in society todays images have supplanted direct human interaction and that media spectacles become a form of human interaction” (Stewart, 2010). This document contains a quick view on the academic, Douglas Kellner’s, book about Media Spectacle and also the article he wrote on Media culture and the triumph of the spectacle. It will also have a close look at both international and local examples of media spectacles in the past.…show more content…
Celebrities are the icons of media culture. Culturally constructed and managed in the world of spectacle. Celebrity transgressions offer great opportunities for the media industries to spin and construct ‘mega spectacles’ that will dominate both mediasphere and the public sphere.” In his book Kellner goes further and explains that the “media and consumer society organised around the production and consumption of images, commodities and staged events” (Kellner, 2002). A good example of a media spectacle is the 2008 Barack Obama election. People who did not witness this election first hand still felt as if they was, because of the media spectacle made out of it. Kellner, mentioned in his article that “political and social life is also shaped more and more by media spectacle. Social and political conflicts are increasingly played out on the screens of media culture, which display spectacles like sensational murder cases, terrorist bombings, celebrity and political sex scandals,…show more content…
Pistorius “won the attention as an athlete with a disability competing at high level, including at multiple Paralympic games and the 2012 summer olympics” (Strand, 2014). In October 2014 Pistorius received a five year prison sentence for culpable homicide and a three year suspended prison sentence for reckless endangerment, Pistorius was accused of shooting his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, a South African model on Valentine’s day in 2013. Although Pistorius admitted that he shot Steenkamp he still pleaded not guilty. Pistorius claimed that he wrongly identified his girlfriend, Steenkamp, as an intruder when he shot at her through a closed bathroom door at his home in

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