Kairos And Topos Analysis

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Kairos And Topos As I reflect on all the topics that we covered throughout the course, I have to acknowledge that I learned much that I did not know about writing and argumentation. To begin with, while I was acquainted with pathos, ethos, and logos, I had no idea about the concepts of kairos and topos. Today I know that kairos refers to identifying, or finding, the opportune moment to communicate an idea or develop an argument. For example, arguing with your parents while they are sleeping, having dinner, or upset about something is not opportune. Also, I learned that topos refers to themes or conventions used for facilitating the conveyance of a given idea or argument to a given audience. Different audiences and contexts requires us to frame…show more content…
For example, we can do this paper as a narrative or historical education or as bullet points. I picked the bullet point method because I thought this was is the easiest. Moreover, I wasn’t sure about the topic that I want to write about, but at the end I picked the appropriate age for drinking. First I read about this topic because I didn’t have enough background information. I read different articles from a lot of news papers and magazines. The way that I organized the paper was I related my topic with a real example of a young boy who died because of alcohol because I thought It will make the paper more interesting. After that, I mentioned the reasons that made me think that the age shouldn’t be reduced to 18 and with some reasons I mentioned an…show more content…
It was challenging and interesting at the same time. I picked China Yulin dog meat festival video from vice. I choose this topic because I found it new and interesting because I noticed different people have different culture and beliefs. First, I watched the documentary then I did a search about the video and who did it. After that, I did a brainstorming about what information I need to include because I didn’t want to mention details that may be boring for the reader. Furthermore, the paper divided into four parts. The first part was like an introduction, at the second part I explained what I saw in the video. The third part was giving the big picture, hitting into what’s coming next I mean the research section and the fourth part was the research section. I thought of watching this video that the reader would think that the Chinese didn’t treat dogs very well. Thus, I thought to do a research about how the idea of having dogs as pets changed recently in China and actually my instructor pushed me in this way. I used a lot of conventions. For example, the voice-over, vice reporter and

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