Motivation And Job Satisfaction

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Motivation and job satisfaction is one of the most analyzed topics in Organizational Behavior, which has garnered a significant amount of factual research over the years. These two elements have proven to be the principal contribution to the success and productivity of organizations. Introduction The importance of employees’ motivation and job satisfaction changes with time. It is mostly caused by the changes in the market nature. Nowadays, when most of industries operate in a highly competitive market, producers have to fight with each other in order to be distinguished and stay competitive. Companies need to be highly effective and productive, this is only possible when all of the parts of the company work in symbiosis. There are no doubt,…show more content…
Motivation can be described as the management and commitment of action. It is associated with why individuals choose a certain course of action instead of others and the reasons why they continue with their chosen action, usually extending over a long time frame and encountering difficulties. Job satisfaction refers to an attitude that is associated with the work environment and work experiences; the enjoyment an individual receives from doing their job. Satisfaction can come from the work they have accomplished or the effort put into the job, but they all require some inner satisfaction. The definitions presented above support the hypothesis that both concepts are different, however there is in fact a positive correlation between the two. In this research paper the similarities and differences of motivation and job satisfaction have been examined. However, before ahnd, both topics had been explained and defined in order to get better understanding of the overall topic. At the end of this research paper all of the data collected is discussed and analysed and a valid conclusion has been…show more content…
The first one is what motivates people to do something, and the second one is how strong the motivation is and what can be achieved by it. • “Motivation theories are meant to predict behaviour” Motivation is a general term that describes all of the factors that can affect a person’s point of view, and therefore it can result in an action, but it is not an action itself. An analysis of all these factors allowed Mitchell to create another, his own definition of motivation. He described that as “the degree to which an individual wants and chooses to engage in certain specified behaviours”. As it has been already mentioned people have different personalities, priorities and life situations. That is why it should not be surprising that other things become important and worth enough to encourage them to behave in a certain way. The purpose of an individual’s behaviour is based on what motivates them. The outcome of their behaviour is made up of their readiness level and motivation. The basic motivational model is the simplest way to present the mechanism of an individuals way of thinking. Figure

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