Socrates Clarification Of Wisdom

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Wisdom Clarified A word’s clarity is dependent on the context, discipline or subject of its reference. Similarly, some individuals clarify wisdom from what it says in the Bible and how vast Biblical books clarify referenced by God. Others clarify it philosophically. They believed that the Biblical clarification doesn’t entirely ratify the philosophical context of the term. Wisdom refers to the possession of vast knowledge and governing this knowledge to reach good judgments. According to the teachings of the Bible, Wisdom is judging a problem rightfully and carefully discovering the best way, using a knowledgeable and understanding method. The Oxford dictionary clarifies wisdom as a person’s ratification to make a judgment on matters conduct…show more content…
Socrates clarification of wisdom as told by Plato in ‘The Apology’ emits from the humility context of wisdom. In the Apology, Socrates and Chaerephon visited an oracle in Delphi. Chaerophon asks the oracle if anyone was wiser than Socrates. The Oracle stated that Socrates was the wisest person, and nobody has more wisdom (Brouwer, 2014). But, Socrates was confused by the Oracles response. He believed he was not wise. Socrates believed he didn’t have the knowledge and the wisdom to make him the wisest person. To ratify this, he researched and analyzed people’s wisdom level. After communicating with politicians, craftsman, and poets, he concluded that those seen as wiser than him were not even wise. In what he discovered, he argued that those who say they possess knowledge either have no idea or lack knowledge of the things they believe they know or know far too less compared to their beliefs. Socrates, in the Apology, doesn’t believe he knows things he doesn’t know nor defends to have wisdom on an issue when he doesn’t have the wisdom. One sees himself or herself on matters; knowledge and wisdom influence that person’s consideration as either wise or…show more content…
Many people boast about how much they know and when asked to prove what they know, they fumble their understanding in whatever topic. Socrates clarification of wisdom, judging from his beliefs and findings would differ from the Bible and Oxford dictionary meanings. Socrates’ research into people’s propensity to show wisdom, shows unwise people lack or fail to show correct knowledge to defend their boastfulness. Socrates clarification would have considered two important issues as indicators of wisdom. One is the ability to show knowledge or wisdom. Second is the ability to defend this

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