Factors Affecting Aircraft Maintenance Industry

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In the research, a study of the relationship between employee turnover and job satisfaction, organisational commitment and the motivation of the job will be carried out. Recently, many aviation mechanics among the world and of course in Hong Kong leave this industry. So aircraft maintenance field suffers from mechanic shortage although the government strongly promotes this industry because of the construction of the third runway. The purpose of this research is to investigate the main causes leading employee turnover, thus finding out how job satisfaction, organisational commitment and the motivation of job affect mechanics leaving aircraft maintenance industry, despite of the rapid growth in the demand of aircraft maintenance technicians in…show more content…
If the staff work unsatisfactorily and the company cannot provide a suitable working environment for them, the staff may probably leave the company. As a result, the working environment provided by the organisation, the motivation and job satisfaction may subsequently affect staff turnover. 4. Objectives  Find out what will lead to an employee turnover in order to find out the factors of employee turnover.  Define the major factors on affecting employees to quit the company.  Clarify how those factors affecting employees to quit  Suggest recommendations in order to deal with the high employees turnover problem 5. Background. Recently, the government advertise a lot in aircraft maintenance industry as the government proposed to construct the third runway. If the third runway is constructed, the numbers of flight to Hong Kong will rise dramatically. The aircraft maintenance companies in Hong Kong recruit more technicians and trainees in order to boarder and expand its business from the high demand of the aircraft maintenance…show more content…
The size of sampling are designed 100 sets. Based on the theory and the views in the academic papers, a survey will be conducted to investigate the major causes of turnover for ranking in a 6 scale and different perspectives such as job satisfaction, job motivation, salary, organizational commitment, relationship between co-workers, etc. The reason why the scale sets in even numbers instead of odd numbers is to ensure the participants in the survey choosing either disagreed side or agreed side. If odd number scale is used, participants will rather choose the medium scale than select the both extreme

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