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job satisfaction while lack of inspiration and feedback mechanism as reasons for the lowest level of job satisfaction. Asgari et al. (2012) establish that there is no noteworthy relationship between job satisfaction and employee’s characteristics such as gender, age, marital status, background, and shift in their study of level of Job satisfaction conducted among the operating room technicians of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences. Study conducted by Khirade and Baviskar (2012) investigates the Job satisfaction among the Academic staff of North Maharashtra University and revealed that there were no substantial differences between the job satisfaction and the personal characteristics such as masculinity or femininity and also their nature…show more content…
Theories and important variables related to job satisfaction Theories of Job Satisfaction This section of the chapter initiates to provide comprehensive view of foremost expansion of job satisfaction during the last decades and also intent to provide a highpoints of the major theories .Most of theorists have well-defined job satisfaction in the literature according to their own territory of working environment. Many theories are available in the literature in order to explain the elements of job satisfaction .However, amid of these theories, eminence ones are demarcated between content theories and process theories. Various researchers have described these two categories of theories First category of Content theories recognizes factors that drive job satisfaction or dissatisfaction of job and propose that job satisfaction come true when employees’ need for growth and self-actualization are fulfilled by the they involved in .On the other hand, Process theories effort to explain the association among variables for job satisfaction and also try to clarify job satisfaction by way of reconciling how far ones values and expectations fulfilled by the job they…show more content…
Certain theories on job satisfaction are predominantly based on the theories of motivation while others apparent as job satisfaction theories. Therefore, it can be said that both the theories of job satisfaction and motivation are robustly interrelated with each other. Before clarifying the key content and process theories of job satisfaction it is worthwhile to narrate some of significant developments in the literature in next few paragraphs. Inception of theories of job satisfaction is way back to 1911 and it originate with the idea of Frederick W. Taylor in the context of ‘Scientific Management ‘or alternatively named as ‘Taylorism’. Following from this idea , F.W. Taylor, Frank Gilbreth and Henry L. Gantt suggested salary incentive models to motivate people at organizations (F.Luthans, 1995),acordinglty, it is argued that people could be motivated only by giving money. Therefore, it can be inferred that the origin of job satisfaction studies is dates back to in the year 1911. During that period, Fredrick W Taylor began to investigate on employees and job duties

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