Job Satisfaction Literature Review

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This research paper aims on evaluating job satisfaction of employees at Sharjah Institute of Technology (SIT). It focuses on identification of the motivation's factors involved in the Job satisfaction and their impacts on the overall job satisfaction of employees. It also study the effects of job security, salary restructure, empowerment, and workload. Then, it will investigate the impacts of these independent variables towards motivation and job satisfaction. In addition, it will analyze the organizational changes occurring during the ownership transferring and organizational re-structuring. This paper will highlight this problem and present a picture of level of job satisfaction based on the four independent variables among the employees at Sharjah institute of Technology. Subsequently, it will highlight the different theoretical contributions that are related to job satisfaction and motivation…show more content…
REVIEW OF LITERATURE Several theories and studies have covered the job satisfaction of employees. These theories and studies have focused on identifying the various attitudes of these people towered their jobs and the different factors of motivation which contribute in making them satisfied or de-satisfied. This research will focus on empowerment, salary, workload and job security and their connection with motivation and job satisfaction. According to the psychologist Fredrick Herzberg in his two-factor theory, he stated that job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction rose from two groups of variables. As for job satisfaction, it is caused due to specific factors called motivators while job dis-satisfaction is affected by hygiene factors. The nature of work and its direct outcomes are considered as motivators because aspects such as promotions, personal growth, recognition, responsibility and achievements are contributing in creating positive reactions. In the other hand, hygiene factors are focused on the job surrounding such as work environment, job security and

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