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In 1920, more and more people in our village in Guangdong moved to Hong Kong to earn a better living. Attracted by higher wages and more job opportunities, my husband and I also came to Hong Kong. We left our two children and the elderly in the village and promised to send home money to support their living. Luckily, we found jobs and place to live in Kowloon with the help of clansmen soon after we arrived in Hong Kong. My husband was introduced to a coolie foreman and he was employed as a rickshaw coolie. And I was introduced to work in Lun Fung textile factory with our neighbors near the tenement we lived. Until now, I have come to Hong Kong and worked in this factory for ten years. The wages we earned in Hong Kong is higher than we earned in the past in Guangdong. I receive 15 dollars a month and my husband earns about 20 dollars a month. We could get more pay for more work done and so we usually work hard for 12 hours a day without a day off. Although we earn more in Hong Kong, the cost of living here is higher than that…show more content…
The workshops are small but crowded with substantial number of workers and there are very few or even no windows for ventilation. We sit and work closely with one another. When someone catches a cold, we have to take precautions or else we would be infected easily. On my first day at work, I was told to work cautiously as we are not protected by any safety regulations or first aid measures. Illness and injury would seriously affect our working efficiency; we would earn less or even being dismissed if we cannot catch up with others’ progress. Moreover, there is no provision of toilets inside the workshops. If there is a need, we have to go to the one in a small wooden house outside the factory. For its inconvenience, we tend not to drink too much water before work so as to minimize the number of toilet

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