Democratic Leadership Style

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The results of the study demonstrated that the dominant leadership style was democratic and employees represent to were tolerably satisfied by their employment. This infers that democratic leadership style is regarded suitable for overseeing hotel management. The study's results demonstrate that distinctive leadership style will have diverse sways on worker work satisfaction. An intriguing finding is that majority rule leadership affects work satisfaction than laissez-faire leadership does. Therefore, by receiving the proper management styles, leaders can influence employees’ level of motivation and job satisfaction. The main keywords of this research paper are Management Styles, Leadership Styles, Motivation, Factors, Hotels and Job Satisfaction.…show more content…
1.4 Research Questions The identified research questions that are necessary to answer in this paper are listed below, • What are major management styles that a leader should adopt while working in hotel business sector? • What are the influences of management styles and motivation on the Hotel and Employee development? • What are the effects of management styles and motivation on job satisfaction of employees working in hospitality industry? 1.5 Research…show more content…
The section effectively determines the reasons behind conducting specific research along with background scope to significantly determine the influences of management styles and motivation on hotels development. In the next chapter of paper, literature is explored to develop the scope of research in order to lay down the most appropriate outcomes of the specific research study. Chapter 2—Literature Review 2.1 Management Styles Management styles are basically characteristics as well as different ways in which managers make profitable and productive decisions related to business development and subordinates. In the particular reference it is identified that there are different types of management styles such as autocratic, consultative, persuasive, democratic, and chaotic and Laissez faire that are explicitly defined below. 2.1.1

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