Why Is Urgent Work Important

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COMPREHENSIVE TIME MANAGEMENT It is important to differentiate between important work and urgent work. One can chose to react to urgent demands or be proactive and focus on what is important. Important work are those which take you closer to your goals, can involve long term plans and can be boring, monotonous and tedious. There are some steps that must be followed to be able to focus on actual important work than wasting energies and time on firefighting tasks. We can start it by choosing any three important tasks and writing down on a paper and placing them in a visible place. It is important to minimize distractions or unwanted work e.g. turning off email, keeping mobile phone aside when it’s not needed. It is important to evaluate these actions. A good approach may include scheduling a meeting with yourself and work out what tasks have been finished and what is to be done in coming days or week. The next important thing is to evaluate what you are doing is really worth your time or not. It has been observed that most of our times is consumed by unnecessary meetings, non-relevant emails and tasks etc. Before committing to any work its important to evaluate its importance and relevance by asking whether you are the right person for it, is it…show more content…
Sometimes it succumb the actual execution itself. This result in delays and ineffective and undesired result. The anticipation of monstrous work ahead is the main obstacle. In order to handle this situation its useful to create an environment where it feels that the project is already underway. This can be done by doing small tasks of project while engaged in some other activity e.g. if you have to work on a presentation a better way is to work out points while doing some other home related work or while sitting in a boring meeting or during driving. This will help to eradicate the idea of starting from scratch. The key is to seize on opportunity while doing other

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