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This paper is about the ancient and modern day Olympic Games. I will discuss the ways the ancient and modern day Olympic Games are similar and how they are different. Starting with the dress codes and ending with the disqualifications of the participants that were caught using human growth Hormones. The Olympic games originated in 1896 in Athens Greece, with 14 countries participating, 8 different events or sports. All the countries participated in all 8 of the events that include boxing, javelin, running, wrestling, chariot racing, discus throwing and jumping. These sports originated from the everyday things that they did. The boxing was much different back then from now, in the ancient games they used metal gloves with leather bands. In wrestling they fought naked instead of wearing clothes. Most of these sports they did naked, like for example the discus and the running they did naked. In the running when they ran naked they ran in forms of lines or rows. The modern Day Olympics are much different now than they were back then. In modern day Olympics all of the countries participate there is not only 8 sports or events in this there are 28 different sports and over 300 events with 10,000 people in each event. In the Olympics now we also wear…show more content…
Some of the similar games are boxing, javelin, discus, running, jumping, and riding bicycles. The sports that are held most likely have a meaning or purpose to these participants. Another similarity is in both ancient and modern day Olympics, they do win medals and awards but for the ancient medals they are the prizes of palm which was a really big medal they could win, the prizes and awards they won were held in honor of their gods. The modern day Olympic prizes and medals were held as a victory that those participants have trained hard and won what they had come

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