What Is The Importance Of The Baby Boom In Canada

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The Underlying Importance of the Baby Boom Generation Canada is known as the land of the free, a country where equality and liberty are meant to be enjoyed by all. It is important, however, to realize exactly how Canada has come to this stage in her evolutionary path. Specifically, credit must be given to the baby boomers. After years of pursuing and advocating for acceptance, social norms have transformed. Through sudden population growth and related repercussions, the Canadian economy has fluctuated greatly. Political power and unchallenged influence of the boomers moulded Canadian Government. Fundamentally, the baby boom of the mid-20th century and the impression that boomers have made laid the foundations for modern Canada, and will continue…show more content…
For instance, almost immediately following the boom, the Canadian government had to focus on childcare and education, improving infrastructure and pumping money into initiatives that would benefit the boom generation. “The Ontario university system grew to accommodate the Baby Boomers—and this generation’s impact will be felt for years to come, thanks in part to their offspring, the Echo Boom” (Foot 1). This implies that the systematic changes and growth brought on by boomers was not only enough to constitute immediate government action, but that generations to come will still feel the effects in the education system. Essentially, what was done for the boomers then was so impactful that it has shaped the current education system. Similarly, the boom generation’s current needs keep them influential, even if indirectly, as seen in the statement that “Old Age Security, currently costing $33 billion a year, is already the No. 1 item in the federal budget, and Ottawa and the provinces collectively spent $183 billion on health care in 2009” (Gatehouse). This proves that the boomer generation’s wishes are still of utmost importance to the Canadian government, decades after the boom. To elaborate, in a democracy, decisions are based on the wills of the majority, and baby boomers can be described as exactly that. Really, their votes and their concerned children’s votes are important for the success of politicians, even if it means healthcare, pension plans and retirement homes receive funding before children and youth programs. Moreover, baby boomers have incredibly direct influence in Canadian politics. Former politicians such as Gilles Duceppe and the deceased Jack Layton, former Governor General Michaëlle Jean, current Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne and Prime Minister Stephen Harper are all baby boomers. These people are or

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