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Modern day soccer, the sport we are familiar with today, originated from Brazil in the 1700s. Soccer or football, more popularly known, began to gain popularity in the end 1800s. Today soccer is very popular sport and it is one of the fastest growing sports in many countries. Soccer is a team sport, the most popular in the world. Many regions such as Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East hold football as their country’s national sport. As much as 130 countries heavily take part in accommodating this sport. Football is known all around the world by the mention of its mere name. The Olympics even hosts this game as a part of their worldwide competitive event. The concept of the game is simple. Two teams go head to head with each other in…show more content…
Conditioning in strength, stamina, and speed is crucial in order to perfect the skills needed to make an individual more versatile and deadly on the field. There are many different training routines, special diets, and workouts that are implemented to help hone those skills that are so crucial to the game. Professional players exhibit the final product in a sense the sense of football mastery. The massive amount of time dedicated towards their craft is truly magnificent. It inspires the average player to strive to be the best by following their footsteps in the athleticism. In soccer there are many important skills that must be fine tuned in order to ensure success. A crucial skill a footballer must have is the ability to dribble the ball. This skill is one of the most important because if you do not have dribbling skills you cannot take the ball to the stadium. Without being able to bring the ball down the field you cannot score so you will not win. Another very important skill is a good touch and connection between the player and the ball. A good connection means to be able to pass the ball or shoot the ball when needed. You need to have a good touch, or another one cannot be recorded or two cannot pass. the third skill needed to be successful in soccer is not afraid of the ball. This may not be the skill, but not to be afraid of the ball, it is necessary to play football. This is necessary because if your panic on the ball you will not…show more content…
Many people are able to play no matter their age, old or young. Football isn’t only enjoyed by the player but the spectators as well. People have built a growing passion for watching and completely immersing themselves into the world of football. Well known players have come to represent clubs and even countries. The World Cup takes these players and teams, represented by countries and pits them against each other in the largest football tournament known to mankind. This event is held once every four years in search of one country to fight its way through the odds, make its people proud, and seize the glory of victory. Only the best of the best can progress towards victory, taking down country after country on their journey to the

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