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What characteristics in the modern world might make a person be a hero? “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of over whelming obstacles” (Christopher Reeve). Today many people consider heroes as people who are courageous, strong and very intelligent; all these characteristics date back to the time during ancient Greece where many famous characters possessed these traits and were considered heroes. Over the years the term hero has been used for many different types of people whether they were strong weak or smart, they got this term because they have helped save or change the world that we live in today. Some of the typologies for heroes are among the following: the uncompromising Homeric Hero, the pragmatic and enduring Hero, Spartan Heroism, Athenian Democratic Heroism, and Socratic-Philosophical Heroism. Many famous ancient Greece heroes are Achilles, Odysseus and Leonidas; each person encompassed a few or many of these characteristics that define a hero, but using what they had been given, they changed the community for the better as seen with the modern day hero stereotype.…show more content…
As Achilles grew up he had many heroic traits: he proved himself as a valiant warrior who possessed great strength and was someone who was extraordinarily fast. Achilles showed his strength to everyone during the Trojan War when he killed the Trojan hero Hector, knowing that he would die soon after since the oracle told his prophecy when he was born. This shows how courageous he was knowing that he was going to die. He still killed Hector to show his strength and save his people. Through out Achilles’s short life he represented many acts of strength but that seemed to be about it; he was more brawn than brains, which does not encompass all the aspects to be a modern day

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