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In the last ten years, the amount of step children in households has doubled. A blended family consists of a couple along with their children from previous relationships. How easy is it for a couple to combine both sides into one? Blended families are difficult to create as merging the two sides would present many obstacles for all members in the family. Issues that may arise are that the children may resist to changes that will occur during the stages of becoming a blended family, family members of both sides may not get along well, and mistreatment of the stepchildren. First and foremost, the children may be resistant to changes during the stages of becoming a blended family; since the children are resistant, that would not allow both sides…show more content…
If both sides do not get along, this means that they cannot create bonds with one another which what make you a family; not allowing the families to blend. The stepparents may not treat all of the children fairly and equally as one could be treat better than the others (Dudley,). Treating the children unfairly leads to jealousy and frustration as this would bring about tension and resentment towards the sibling as well as the stepparent. The stepparents may also force themselves upon the children too strongly where it is uncomfortable and unwanted. Stepparents being too forward and pushing themselves into the life of the children would not create a strong connection between the two. It actually may push the stepparent further away as the children would distance themselves from the stepparent. Stepparents could approach the children incorrectly as well, as if they are intending to be a replacement parent (Portee, N/A). The children should feel as though that the stepparent is just an additional person to their life who they will love and support as well as vice versa. Attempting to replace the previous parent may feel as a threat to the child as it could be seen as severing or weakening the bond with the biological parent as if it were a

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