Modern Day America Research Paper

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Architecture in modern day America has been heavily influenced by architecture in ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt has influenced modern America with the making of the lighthouse, we use lighthouses a lot in modern day America. Also, ancient Egypt has heavily influenced our architecture today by the making of furniture. Ancient Egyptians has made beautiful glass for hundreds of years, and has influenced us in the making of glass, and glass art. These are just some of the things that architecture in Ancient Egypt has influenced architecture in modern day America. We use lighthouses in modern day America for a lot of things, like to import goods, and to outport goods. Ancient Egyptians invented the lighthouse for the same reason why we use them, to inport and outport goods. Lighthouse technology was developed in Hellenistic, Egypt. The first lighthouse in ancient Egypt was designed by Sostratus of Cnidus, and built between 285 and 247 BC. The lighthouse is located in Pharos in Alexandria, Egypt. The knowledge of the lighthouse was never lost, and we still use the knowledge of the lighthouse today for making them for ourselves.…show more content…
Egyptians were responsible,for example, the making of the bed, chair, stool, tables, and the nightlight. Although most ancient Egyptians sat on the floor, some people sat on stools. Most furniture was made out of pieces of wood glued or pinned together. The first night light was made of a candle made from animal fat, or a oil lamp made of clay, and a wick would be used for a night light. The finest lamps were made of clay from alabaster that was paper-thin, so thin the light shined through. Alabaster is a mineral, a form of limestone, used for making decorative objects. We use all of these things now in modern day America, except now we use more modern furniture based off of what the ancient Egyptians
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