Modern Day Hipster Research Paper

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Every generation has a social group or subculture that, at the time, dared to be different. In the 1950’s, this group was known as the beatniks. The beatniks, according to one writer, were “a subculture built around drug experimentation, sexual freedom, and a search for the authentic”(Farber 201-202) which were scandalous things to stand for in the 1950’s. In the current generation, a subculture that closely compares to that of the beatnik’s are the hipsters. A hipster according to Urban Dictionary are people that “value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art,...creativity, intelligence, and witty banter” (Urban Dictionary) . The hipsters and the beatnik subcultures are comparable due to their similar goals and beliefs, however, the way the subcultures have been accepted into their respective generations.…show more content…
A common goal they share is their determination to differ from the popular culture of their time. The beatniks tried to defy the the coifed beauty salon middle class look by wearing black and growing their hair out . The modern day hipster, not only defies popular culture, rejects it and instead have created their own (Faulkner) . Both Beatniks and Hipsters also support self discovery and finding your own path, not the one laid before you as the easy way by society. Altogether, hipsters and beatniks are very similar when it comes to their actions towards popular culture, and their desire to be themselves through and

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