Margaret Atwood's Oryx And Crake

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The idea of recreating a species that is better than the human species is bizarre. The idea of "man" creating a better version of his or her own kind presumes the idea that anyone with the science equips can play the role of god. In the novel Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood exerts the idea of man creating improved man to create a better form of life. A lot was sacrificed for Crake to create a new breed of life but also at some point every creation comes with its affects. There are positive and negative aspects of Crake’s global pandemic and Snowman is supposedly the only human alive to witness it. Snowman becomes the Craker’s keeper and he is always telling them stories and teaching them new words. That is because before he was Snowman he was named Jimmy, and Jimmy always was a person of words. Words has a great impact on the outlook of the characters of this book…show more content…
After high school Jimmy attended a crappy college to study humanities while Crake went to a fine instantiation to study bioengineering. Before Jimmy was Snowman and before the apocalypse happened, Jimmy was always surrounded by “numbers” kind of people, while he was always considered a “words” person. The first time Jimmy told Crake he was a words person it was because Crake and Jimmy were engaging in a conversation about whether or not some dude has his hand on his teacher’s ass. Crake responds to Jimmy by giving him a four-step plan saying things like “calculate curvature of ass. Approximation of this may be necessary, in absence of variable number” (Atwood, 85) and Jimmy responds by telling him “I’m not a numbers person” (85). Words seem to be the only thing that Snowman holds on to because besides his memories it is all he

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