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Mason Grear Professor Massey English 102 14 September 2015 The Modern Day Superhero rough draft The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines ‘hero’ as, “a person who is greatly admired.” In the world today, musicians are classified as heroes to their listeners. With current social media; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.; musicians have been able to be in the spotlight more than ever and with that extra face time they have distinguished themselves apart from regular celebrates to modern day hero’s. In my interviews, I examine what makes musicians have such an influence of their fans just as a hero. I then ask my four participates to see what they think. My four interviewees: Parker White, Paul (PJ) Patterson, Corbin King, and Ben Meyer all have similar interests in hip-hop/ rap music and have all attended multiple concerts. With Information I receive from my interviews and other research, I have learned that musicians are absolutely modern day heroes. The following below are my finding. To begin, I asked all my interviewees if they would consider musicians modern day heroes. Each participant agreed that artists or bands could be heroes. One of my interviewees Parker White put it the best stating, “I think that some musicians definitely are. There is a lot of popular music that doesn't really mean…show more content…
He responded,” Yes, I believe musicians have gained more and more influence amongst younger generations. Music is a daily activity for most people, and in a world where everyone is consistently connected through new and innovative forms of media, those who create music impact our world and our generation to heightened degrees.” In a Spin Magazine article, it is stated that, “The Average American Listens to Four Hours of Music Each Day.” This information comes from an Edison Research survey, which shows that music is a daily activity for most like Pj stated

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