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In modern day society we have seen a dramatic shift in the cultural perceptions of honor. People's honor, good name, and reputation used to be some of the most important factors in day-to-day life. In modern times these personal characteristics often take a back seat to more tangible goods such as wealth and power. This transfer in characteristics is often credited to the modern day short attention span where people will focus on a certain quick quantifiable measure. Over time this has lead to a focus on the worlds billionaires or who has the most Twitter followers. These stand in stark contrast to honor because it is impossible to quantify honor or reputation. Good name and reputation are key in society, yet they have fallen by the wayside due to many trends in modern day society.…show more content…
A historical example of this is the famous Burr v. Hamilton duel in the 1800's where they fought to defend their own name. This mindset was prevalent throughout societies around the world. Cultures spanning from the Ancient Chinese, to the Aztecs, to the Egyptians, and Ancient Greeks all valued honor as demonstrated in writings such the Art of War to the Illiad and Odyssey. Any importance attached to wealth or power was only as deep as its attachment to reputation. This approach to honor and reputation ruled supreme from the beginning of history, all the way through the 20th century. The honor and reputation associated with a good name allowed for trust in both business and in politics. This trust facilitated deals, accountability and responsible governance which greatly benefited society as a

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