Modern Day America Research Paper

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Technology in modern day America has been heavily affected by technology in ancient Greece. Technology in Greece shaped their daily life, and their technology consisted mainly of inventions. There are many similarities from technology in Greece, like plumbing or Herons Automatic Theater, to technology in modern day America. There are also very many differences from modern day technology and technology in ancient Greece. Nonetheless, modern day America has been heavily influenced by Greece. Technology in Ancient Greece consisted of new inventions. The Heron’s Automatic Theatre was the first moving theatre in Greece. It was invented by Heron of Alexandria, a mathematician. They used metal shaped balls that would fall on drums to make a sound effect. The theatre or show was about ten minutes long. It improved their life by giving the people of Greece entertainment. Another invention was a water fountain where stones would fall in a cup and weighed it down.There would be a hole at the bottom where the water ran through it. The water came from the tops of mountains or stream. It improved their life by providing fresh drinking water for the city of Greece. The Archimedes screw was another invention that would draw water out of lakes…show more content…
Plumbing in ancient Greece was similar to our plumbing. They had plumbing in each individual house. It was under the road or under the street. We have plumbing with pipes that draw water from several places.Greece had the “Archimedes Screw” which would draw water from lakes and rivers. Today, we still use the same thing but ours now has a purifier. Another item that they used in ancient times was a dock/crane. At the end of the dock was a crane that would pull up fish nets. Today, we have cranes they are electric, and you can drive them to move them where you want. These are just a few similarities between ancient Greece and modern day American
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