Modern Day Narcissism Research Paper

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There is a very thin love between self love and being a narcissist and with the advent of social media and the selfie era, (made famous by the Kardashian clan) a lot of people are flirting with this line. The term narcissist originates form a Greek myth. The story is told of a young handsome man who looked at his reflection in a pool of water and fell in love with the image. he spent hours staring at himself until he turned into a flower that is today known as Narcissus. This story sounds a tad bit exaggerated but there is no denying that there are modern day narcissists. Selfie effects on people. When was the last time you attended an event, any event....any...even funerals these days and not seen someone taking selfies?. People seem to have this undying appetite of snapping pictures no matter how inappropriate it may be. People have gradually graduated to taking photos of important life events, birthdays, family dinners, wedding pictures to taking pictures of newly manicured nails, new hairstyle, new shoes and so on to taking photos almost every hour of mundane everyday activities or worse hourly selfies. After taking this shots, some people feel the absolute need to post this pictures on social media. This makes all of us judge you and wonder if you are not too self-absorbed.…show more content…
Why on earth do people open themselves too much to strangers? There are people who put way too much of their lives on social media. Your nice car, selfies of your outings in fancy restaurants real time, your nice house or jewelry, you do realize that you are putting yourself at risk of thieves. Have some filter in your life. We don't need to know how much money you are making, or how you look when you wake up, or what you ate last night, we are still commenting on your previous day lunch picture. Seeking

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