Importance Of Religion In Schools

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Religion Education And School Many school systems have become breeding grounds for many discussions over the years. Some of those teachings of religions course, freedom of uniform and detection of weekly course hours. The course content relevant to today’s world have might be compared with other problems and then we see that the most important issue. The issue of religion in schools poses many questions, but there are no clear cut answers. People’s opinions on this matter are not likely to change anytime soon, making this an issue that is going to be around for a while. Religion is an individual choice, that no one can change other than themselves. There are two opposing points of view about teaching of religion in schools. Some researchers…show more content…
(Evans, p.470-472). Not only does religious education, foster understanding and tolerance of different belief systems, it also provides opportunity for children and teenagers to clash in debate and discussion about important social issues related to cultural difference and perceived social barriers. Even the constitution imposes that every person has the right to practice whatever religion they would like, at anytime and anywhere that they would like. Besides, in this argument shows Toledo guiding principles on teaching about religions and beliefs in primary schools. “Toledo principles provide guidance as to how religion might be taught in public schools, including how to prepare curricula, develop appropriate teacher education and ensure respect for internationally protected rights.”(Evans,p.460).Finally, the author outlined in depth 6 broad approaches. There is another argument that teaching religion in schools is helpful for the overall growth of the child because it teaches them right and wrong, in addition to the idea that children might be dictated more to help others - no matter which religion is being taught (Ipgrave,2014). Children should be taught a wide variety of religion so they are allowed to form their own views of what they have learnt. Teaching about religions does not establish a religion. Understanding of a wide range of religion should be taught in schools, because ignorance of religions breeds hates of unknown ideas and philosophies.'RE' in schools is usually called 'RP' - religion and philosophy, with an emphasis on philosophy, and dealing with difficult questions, coincidences and ideas, usually involving religion. Understanding the beliefs of religions allows students to speak with

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