The Negative Effects Of Junk Food

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Pablo Monsivais, a lead researcher and assistant professor in Department of Epidemiology and the School of Public Health at the University of Washington stated that, “We know more than ever about the science of nutrition, and yet we have not yet been able to move the needle on healthy eating.” (Study Says Eating Healthy Is Expensive.) Junk food is highly processed, contains large amounts of carbohydrates and etc. (13 Effects of Fast Food on the Body). Which have a negative impact on consumer’s health. Average consumers will benefit if the government do more to help consumers choose to eat healthy and control the large amounts of malnutrition in junk food. While junk food may seem very trending and addicting, the social health and welfare cost…show more content…
For example, teenagers misunderstands to just cut out proteins and lipids because they don’t want fat or muscles. In result, they will consume excess amount of vitamins and minerals and will lack of protein and lipids. According to "6 Risks of Eating a Low-Fat Diet.", a low fat diet will interfere with absorption of fat- soluble (fats that are capable of being dissolve) vitamins A,D,E,K because these nutrients are fat soluble so they need dietary fat (fat that is found in food) to utilize (make use) them. Vitamins are stored in liver and fat tissues and are important for body functions such as growth, immunity and cell repair. Not enough intake of fat to bring vitamins to your body, they will excretes. But not only that. An excess of Vitamins will also have a negative impacts towards their health. For example, too much vitamin C (strawberries or red pepper) or zinc (cabbages) will cause nausea, diarrhea and stomach cramps. As you can see, eating an excess or deficiency amount of food can cause both negative impacts. This is why a balance diet is very…show more content…
An advantage of this is that junk food will be highly taxed encouraging people to buy less foods containing saturated fats. Also, convenience stores should have more healthy food choices in relatively medium price and fewer unhealthy foods at higher prices. The socials will still have junk food to available, not affecting their wellbeing. But eventually people will stop eating junk food due to the taxes. According to "Budapest's New 'fat Tax' -, in the other hand government expects to raise $97 million from already the tax. In norwegian, the tax for junk food is 2.20 kroner (11.69B). As a result they may be as chubby and just poorer too which would affect the society and wellbeing. People would maybe working harder to consume junk food causing them mental health issues like chronic stresses. Furthermore, they might get sick from excess intake and not have enough money to pay hospital making them in debt or losing their jobs trying to pay for medical costs. In contrast, maybe people will stop consuming junk food, considering the negative aspects. Government can help change healthy vegetables prices and the availability. While schools might educate the students about healthy nutrition but at the end of the day a healthy diet is expensive. The Journal health affairs says that “if people follow the updated food pyramid which said that Americans should consume more potassium,

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