Religion In Horace Mann's Rereading America

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Religion in school today is such a huge controversy, there are many people who have opinions on why is should be abolished. Does anyone even know the meaning of religion? Religion is any system of beliefs, practices, and ethical values underlying a code of behavior and a philosophy. In Rereading America, Horace Mann writes that religion in school should be taught. In 1848, Mann believed “no community could be religious without a religious education” (118). Horace Mann was a man of importance, he was born on a small farm in Franklin, MA. He is well known because he was a simple American man coming from poverty, he wanted “empowerment through education” (110). Schools teaching religion and morals were such an important thing to him, if you’re…show more content…
They believed that it’s disruptive and it’s prohibited. Such as, prayer in school that’s lead by any teacher and any religious holidays. It goes against anything that our country was claimed to be built on. Horace Mann also believed that, he tells us that a child that has a religious education is for them to be able to judge for their selves, and be able to dictate which path they choose to lead (119). The issue of prayer in school has continued to rise, religion expression has been denied to many students. Not allowing prayer has done more to polarize citizens than almost any other issue in American history. There have been several arguments against prayer in school. During my research I’ve found very valuable information, one argument I found discussed that teaching children religion is not as important as other things that can be discussed; such as sex. Another argument in found was local boards could set guidelines that could allow prayer in school, allowing those who want to participate and those who don’t want to participate they don’t have to. It would clearly respect student’s values, and gives them a choice instead of demanding that they can or can’t pray. It would unite the students instead of tearing them apart, and resolve ethical race issues as

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