Religion Research Papers

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Religious beliefs can affect many parts of your life. Some people share stories about how finding religion or losing religion has changed their lives and desires completely. Religion has most likely had an effect on everyone’s life from being loved to being discriminated against, or even a personal attitude change. One could realize there is a greater cause or that their current life is all there is. There is not really any controversy in merely studying how religion affects different areas of your life, even though religion is the cause of countless areas of debate. Almost all debated topics can be drawn back to religion in some way or another. None of the controversial topics of religion will come up in my research. I will be focusing on how religion affects different aspects of people’s lives, mostly college students, such as, political ideology, family background, effort in school, performance in school, and health. The following five sources from the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities disciplines all should help and give me more information for my study. Chiswick, Barry R., and Donka M. Mirtcheva. "Religion and Child Health: Religious Affiliation, Importance, and Attendance and Health Status among American Youth." J Fam Econ Iss Journal of Family and Economic Issues 34.1 (2012): 120-40. Web.…show more content…
Also Chiswick has received multiple Ph.Ds., a M.A., and a B.A. in economics. Donka Mirtcheva has assisted Chiswick on many of his research projects, mostly the ones that deal with religion. Mirtcheva is an Associate Professor of Economics under Chiswick. Clearly, both of these professors are extremely qualified to write a trustworthy, minimally biased research paper on economics and
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