The Importance Of Religion In Schools

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Every day in school, children in the American education system have to recite the “Pledge of Allegiance.” No matter how old they are, whether they are in an elementary school or in high school, they are expected to stand and stare at a flag as the Pledge of Allegiance plays. While this one small action seems trivial, there is something odd that appears in it and that is the words “Under God.” Not Allah, not Buddha, not Yahweh, but only God. Now, why does this appear to be odd? Education and Religion, here in the United States, have bad blood between them. Even though it has the first amendment, which allows the user to express their own religion, it cannot allow the education system to expose other people to religion. This is due to the government not having the ability to establish or aid any religion due to The First Amendment (“The Bill of Rights”).…show more content…
So how does this relate to the American education system? The purpose of the schools is to provide children the materials to become appropriately suited for the responsibility of the real world. Even though the core element of the education system gives students appropriate tools to fit into society, such as writing, history, and math, there can be room for morality. The connection between religion and school should be connected again because it would provide children with morality, therefore there should be classes dedicated to teaching them

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