History: Equia And Suada

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In class today, Equia and Suada were giving the class a lesson on the subject of History. It was interesting to hear what was considered history. The main question, “What counts as evidence for history?” and “How many people are affected and to what extent?” It was said, anything that was not significant to the process to where we are today is not considered history. They did give us example on what was considered evidence and what was not. There was little time for any discussion about the qualifications of an event to be considered to be history. WC:98 You may respond to a comment that was made in class with which you either strongly agree or strongly agree. Evaluate the comment - origins of it, the assumptions behind it, the merits, and…show more content…
He lived a basic and simple life with the troubles of a racist country. There was nothing that he did during his childhood that impacted others lives. However, the way he was treated and was seen as a child made him the man he was. The racial changes he has been able to make were due to his childhood. The unfairness from being black at his time period and his father being a pastor did not affect many people. Besides being intelligent and entered college during his junior year of high school, his childhood was not significant to anyone. However, it is significant to him and how it shaped him. It pushed him to fight for equal rights for African Americans. The inequality he faced as a child has probably pushed him to fight for the changes he has seeked we have today. Even though his actions did not give African American rights and equality immediately nor directly, it helped people realize the importance of equality between…show more content…
Religion exist due to the recorded texts in history. All types of information has been written down or recorded for us to learn and live by today; the Bible, Torah, and Quran. These religious texts are basically the same as the historical text we use to study in school today. These texts are written by those in the past, the ones who have experienced the events at the time. They are both filled with beliefs and facts they believe to be true during the time period. As a student or researcher today, you can not change what is in the books, you can only read and learn from the books. What happened in the past happened in the past. Using this information we can only learn to not make the same mistakes as we did in the past. Religion prevents us from making unethical choices; however there are many beliefs which are considered inappropriate to some cultures. History helps us to deal with beliefs and how to separate religious beliefs from morals. You can only find more information to disprove a fact of belief. If you manage to find information that disproves anything in both texts, it will cause an uproar within both of the communities and it will take a lot of time for these discoveries to be accepted. History and religion has a lot in common. They both exist during during each other’s time period. They also help shape each other’s subject. A lot of historical events has happened due to religious beliefs and a lot of religious

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