The Importance Of Religious Education

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Whilst the fact that there are five major contemporary religions in our world is generally accepted and agreed upon, depending on how one chooses to define the term “religion”, it could be said that hundreds – or even thousands – of different religions with unique rituals and beliefs coexist in the world today, with or without conflict. In this research report, I intend to investigate the extent to which different communities in different regions of the world carry out religious education in their educational institutes (“religious education” meaning teaching about religions in general rather than the teaching of a particular religion) and draw a conclusion as to what is most appropriate. Across the world, the extent of mandatory religious…show more content…
To many people’s surprise, studies carried out by multiple educational organizations such as EducationWorld and the government of the United Kingdom show that religious education sufficiently improves students’ understanding of world history and current events as well as that of different ethnic and racial groups. Many scholars in religious education also often emphasize the subject’s potential in countering the negative impression given by certain groups about other groups. Of course it is true that religious education is certainly a difficult, tricky subject to teach because of the dangers of teachers and schools being biased – however, as mentioned before, religious education is also crucial in determining a young individual’s…show more content…
Some problems I have encountered and recognized in the course of writing this report include the fact that some religions are so deeply embedded in some cultures that education is being biased around it, that students do not find the method in which religious education is taught interesting and that many governments are simply leaving religious education to be a matter of the home and family; potential solutions to these problems could be the United Nations incentivizing the normalization of proper religious education through funding and the improvement of the actual education system for the subject to include interesting projects for the enjoyment of the

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