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Presentation 2 The second task was definitely a bigger challenge. Our presentation aimed to be an informative speech again, but this time it had to refer to our field of study. We also had to prepare a Power Point presentation and Speech Outline. Subject of the presentation While getting read for my second presentation, again, the biggest issue for me was the topic of my speech. Although the informative speech could refer to any topic of my interest, with only one requirement that it has to be within the subject of my studies. As I knew that some of my classmates will not be psychology students and they will not have the same level of knowledge in my field of study I did not want to prepare a presentation about something too complicated,…show more content…
I felt confident about my subject and I was well prepared. As noted in the evaluation report I put a lot of information and maybe I did not really explain everything very clearly to the audience. I did speak to fast. I do it very often when I am speaking and a lot of people is telling me that. Once I get in the subject I am talking, talking, talking... and I do know that for the listener who is not familiar with the subject it might be very difficult to follow my thoughts' flow. I would argue with the comment that my topic was not clearly stated, as I feel that I did emphasized the cultural adaptation process as my presentation's topic and I stated that this process is not as easy as we may think. I believe that the oral delivery was well synchronized with the presented material and that I explored the topic in detail. I did not have any difficulty with addressing questions from the…show more content…
I do not feel like my presentation was as weak as 80% in comparison with other presentations delivered that day. It has its weaknesses, but it was well developed and prepared. Maybe I included too much material and thus I needed to fit a lot of content in a short period of time. Maybe its visual appearance was plain, but the content should defend itself. Contact with the public and fluency of delivery were noted, and were an added value to the content. I appreciate comments on my posture, as I usually do not pay too much attention to it, and of course to my fast speaking. This however is more my personal characteristic that a weakness of the presentation, although it may impede with its listening. I found the grade unfair and it forced me to make an additional effort to prepare my final

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