Essay On Religion In Schools

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Religion in Public Schools Some schools want to make it seem like religion is worth less than dust. Like the belief of a student is nothing more than the gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe, or a cigarette butt that is thrown on the ground. A lot of schools have teachers that would try and punish a student for being religious, or be harder on a certain student for that very same reason. Nobody should have to hide their religion just because they are at school. It’s no different than being at the movies or at the store. All students deserve to express their religion at school. A student expressing his/her religion is actually a good thing because at home, some students are only knowledgeable about one religion, or none at all. If all students felt safe and comfortable expressing their religion at school, then it would give other students an opportunity to learn about all of the different religions around the world. For…show more content…
If a child grows up in an environment where they can make friends and get to know other children with different faiths, they will be more accepting in the future and will have a lower chance of bullying because of a religious difference. “A new survey by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU) reveals that 42 percent of Muslims with children in K–12 schools report bullying of their children because of their faith” (Ochieng, Akinyi) This is because the bullies were not used to being around people of different faiths. It would have been different if they had gone to a school where people were not scared to show their religion around others, or the school simply would not let them. Bullying because of religion can still be prevented in the future even though the “bullying of students with different religions is on the rise.” (Ochieng, Akinyi) All we have to do make American schools feel safe and accepting (religious wise) like they should
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