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This essay will give a critical assessment of whether the National Policy on Religion and Education supports the SACE statement as mentioned in question one of assignment 2. After carefully scrutinizing the SACE Code of Conduct statement in the assignment, I contend that the National Policy on Religion and Education does support the statement in the SACE Code of Conduct and my reasons for this will be discussed in detail below. Firstly it would be important to have an understanding of what the SACE code conduct and the National policy on Religion and Education stands for in order to complete an essay that requests whether the one supports the other. SACE (South African Council of Educators) code of conduct is a professional council that…show more content…
The Policy stipulates the importance for educators to teach pupils about the rich variety of religions in our country and in the world, but it is of equal importance for the educator to do so without discrimination or stereotyping a specific religion. With reference to paragraph 30 of the introduction to the Policy on Religion and Education, the policy states, “Schools must create an overall environment – a social intellectual, emotional, behavioural, organizational, and structural environment – that engenders a sense of acceptance, security, and respect for pupils with differing views. This shows how the policy supports respecting the beliefs of each person’s beliefs very much the same as the SACE code of…show more content…
The SACE code of conduct keeps educators in line and reminds them that their own personal beliefs should never hamper the child’s learning experiences. The Religion Education policy is also consistent with the Constitution which is based on the recognition of common human rights shared by all citizens. According to the Constitution this recognition means that, as human beings, we share a common responsibility care for the wellbeing of the whole of humanity, without any limitations of cultural, racial or linguistic categories. This clearly implies that all human beings have the right to practice freedom of choice and should not be discriminated against based on their different views which is clearly depicted in the SACE code of conduct in which educators should “respect the dignity, beliefs and constitutional rights of

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