Work Family Conflict Case Study

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Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 Overview First of all, this chapter provides a brief introduction of work-family conflict. The problem statement of this research will be stated in problem statement. In this research consist 5 research questions and 5 research objectives which are clearly mentioned in 1.4 and 1.5. Significance and justification of study highlights the important and the need of this study included the important of the issue under study and the existence of research gap in previous study and how the existing research can address the research gap. In research scope, this part is explaining the coverage of the study, including the theory or factors covered in the study, the population and data collection. There are numbers of key terms…show more content…
The pace of updating the new system feature may have bad consequences and also impact on employee’s feelings of technology overload. Technology overload means a point in which a marginal addition of new technology reaches the point of diminishing marginal returns and it will not only impact on work-family conflict but also impact on organization’s productivity. Work-family conflicts occurs when there’s incompatibility between the role pressures from work and family. In other words, participation in one role is more difficult due to participation in another role (King, 2005). Work-family conflict has demonstrated a relationship to negative consequences such as decreasing in life satisfaction and job satisfaction. When an employee is unable to balance his or her work load with family obligation, he or she will definitely dissatisfied with their job although the time commitment to life and job activities are satisfied (Hailin Qu, 2011). 1.3 Problem…show more content…
Harris, 2012 Information overload Information overload can be defined as when a person facing a huge amount of information that exceeds the person’s ability to handle, in the other word, when a person’s information processing capability are exceeded by the information processing requirements. Roman,2010 Communication overload Communication overload occurs when an employee was interference by a third party through email, instant messaging, or mobile devices. And this will interrupt the worker on processing his or her job, so the productive will definitely become lower. Karr-Wisniewski, 2010 System feature overload System feature overload occurs when a given technology is too complex for a worker to accomplish his or her task. Karr-Wisniewski, 2010 Life satisfaction Life satisfaction refers to one individual’s measurement on his or her life generally. It reflects an individual’s quality of life such as physical and material well-being, pleasure in life, social activities, individual positive identity and finding a purpose in life. Karatepe & Baddar,

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