Informative Speech On Quaker Schools

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The purpose of this speech is to inform. The purpose of this speech is to inform my audience about Quaker School systems. The Quaker schooling systems are run off of the ideas of Quaker values. Spices is what brings flavor to the food that we cook and eat. Imagine your mom making your favorite dish without any if the seasoning that makes it so good. It would probably be really bland and you would probably look at her funny. What if I told you that Quaker school systems run off of Spices. Ok, maybe not the ones that you cook with, but the use of SPICES as an acronym to represent the main Quaker values is something that is definitely more believable and true. The letters in the word SPICES stand for Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community,…show more content…
1 Quakerism was seen as some sort of "Primitive Christianity" but best described as The Religion of The Spirit. 1 This goes with their idea of not needing a religious leader such as a Priest or a Rabbi due to the idea of having the Spirit of God within all of us. 1 Thus, being transferred into the idea of the inner light. 2 The name Quaker came from a nickname used out of mockery toward them since they would shake when they were moved by God to say something in Meeting for Worship. 1 They are more formally known as a Religious Society of Friends. 1 Now, they go either by Quakers or by Friends. 2 That brings us to the SPICES and how they affiliate to friends school systems. 1 Simplicity is brought in to the school system through learning how to avoid making ones life harder than it should be. The importance of the simplest things is brought out within different activities in school. 1 Peace is very important to Friends Schools to make sure there is no physical or verbal violence. 2 Integrity is used in the school system to make the students' moral process / thought stronger in certain situations that could not only benefit his or herself but others as

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