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When generally asked, most of the people said the first factor they consider whenever choosing perfumes is the fragrance of the perfume they choose. When asked to reconsider if it was the only factor that inspired their choice, they only added "brand" and "designer". How about packaging? Doesn't it impact the selection of a perfume? And, if not, then why do designers spend many hours focusing on fancy boxes with complex details? The question dawned on me after having two such stunning perfume boxes - a smaller, crystal Eiffel Tower and another a gramophone. In some way, I possibly could not dispose of those boxes like I do when they get vacant. I also became aware that the imaginative box design was one reason I decided them from among a type…show more content…
Men's fragrances are bottled in storage boxes with tight lines (typically rectangular or rectangle) and darker colors such as dark, metallic gray, blue and superior. Fragrances for girls are jam-packed in artistically designed Custom Perfume boxes. The colors are excellent and female including hues of blue, crimson, green and red. These are further embellished with rocks, charms and ribbon tie-ups. In addition, they test out the look of the printed Perfume box and the stopper. Designs include geometrical numbers, reproductions of real things and abstract…show more content…
In addition, it includes materials used to make storage boxes and bottles. A glass is a preferred option. You will find two known reasons for it. The foremost is its luxurious look and the second reason is its capacity to protect the strength of perfume better. Air, heating and light will be the three factors that degrade the grade of perfume. It changes its color and smell. Wine glass storage boxes especially opaque ones protect scents from air, high temperature and light. Its delicate nature is the one drawback; they need to be handled carefully. Several perfume manufacturers use plastic material to help make the Perfume box to market simple handling. However, these are weakened and the fluids diffuse easily from them. Porcelain, teeth enamel and silver precious metal are other materials used. Perfume boxes also influence the price tag on the merchandise. The artwork of the Wholesale Perfume packaging and structure materials used determine the purchase price. A lot of people have a spare time activity of collecting traditional perfumes boxes. They hunt car port sales and perfume stores. A number of gather perfume boxes and sell it further for an increased

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