Radicalization In Mothers Of Isis

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Radicalization is a process in which groups or individuals are gradually brought to believe that violence, terrorism or other unlawful acts are acceptable and justifiable means to achieve political or religious goals . Individuals are more vulnerable to radical group propaganda if they feel disaffected by their own social context and/or by their family , when they feel like they do not belong anywhere and lack a true purpose in life. Isis’ recruiter’s favourite hunting grounds are, for example, second generation immigrants of Muslim origins, especially when the country they are born in lacks an effective integration program. When immigrants community are isolated and culturally, socially and economically emarginated; teenagers and young adults that grew up in this kind of context, often feel as they cannot totally identify with neither their parents’ culture and their own country’s culture, and they feel foreigners in their own country, discriminated and abandoned. This is the kind of environment in which Ahmad Coulibaly and the Kouachi…show more content…
Mothers of Isis is a touching and detailed report on the terrible experience of several mothers across the western world that saw their children snatched by Isis propaganda, despite the fact that most of the boys and young adults mentioned in the stories were born and raised in the dominant culture and religion of their respective countries. And yet, is important to notice how in most of the family stories collected in the report, the father figure was either absent or entirely negative and the boys involved often had a troubled adolescence, with cases of drug abuses, petty crimes and mental illness, and that most of them found difficult to integrate in society and have friends, . The radicalization process consists of five stages. It does not matter if we are speaking of religious or political extremists; the stages are always the

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