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I have learned after my second long distance relationship failed how valuable becoming a good listener really is. Taking the steps to improve my listening skills completely changed the way I handle my current long distance romance. I’m telling you: Your listening abilities will greatly impact the way you cope with the distance in your LDR… positively! While most people have heard the line “Listening is different from hearing,” and would maybe even say it’s a very beautiful saying, few people really understand what it means and know what is involved in actually applying it, specifically to a long distance relationship. Let’s start with the basics Hearing vs. Listening The first thing to understand about the terms “hearing” and “listening”…show more content…
Body language, which is an important factor to understand one's current emotional state properly, is harder to detect in a long distance relationship, and that’s a considerable challenge because the way the body language of your partner reacts to what you say provides important information that aids effective listening. Heightened Listening in a Long Distance Relationship Listening in a long distance relationship requires heightening the limited senses that are available to a partner. Thus, more focus needs to be given to the sense of hearing for phone calls made, the sense of sight for video calls made, and interpretation of letters written or messages sent. While sharpening one’s senses for heightened listening may seem like it requires a psychology degree to be done right, that’s not really the case. What it really requires is a conscious decision to be more sensitive to the limited information being made available in the similarly limited interaction between the couple. That doesn’t sound easy, but really, making the choice to listen with a more heightened awareness delivers results that allow the parties to a long distance relationship to learn more about each other despite the limited interaction between the

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