Audre Lorde By Walt Whitman Analysis

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Question 2: Consider our idea of using language to create realities in America. Discuss how your three writers do that. Walt Whitman, Williams Carlos Williams and Audre Lorde are three American poetic writers who used language in creating reality in American Literature. These writers used symbolism, metaphor, nature and imagery in their language tools of writing. Whitman, related his poet to the growth and changes that occurred in his life, thereby giving nature the room to do his work without withholding it, whereas Williams poems talks more about his life towards moving forward and achieving his goal expectation in life. Williams poem, talks moreabout ‘’glazed with rain water’’ which is also the force of nature in action. And Audre Lorde, poem talks more on the nature of womanhood and what it means to be a woman, especially in the aspect of taking care of your child and feeding your child as she sited on the Anthology on ( line 15 of 659) ‘’All day I have craved food for my child’s hunger.’’ Therefore, Audre Lorde made me the reader to understand that been a woman or mother is not an easy thing because a lot is involved nurturing and taking care of your own child. The creative Language of reality used by Walt Whitman in Song of Myself Volume C: Whitman’s used Symbols,…show more content…
His love for nature also gave him room to grow his thoughts in his poem ‘’Song of myself’’. Therefore, at 37yrs old he keeps growing and advancing in his knowledge of writing. The writer ‘’Whitman’’ hopes one day he will join his accentors to continue the celebration of himself even till death. He also said in his poem ‘’I loaf and invite my soul’’, meaning a new transformation with regards to the growth of changings that is gradually taking place in his life, indicating that he knows that someday he will die like his parents

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