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A brand image can be defined as a group of association, which creates a perception about a product in the minds of customers. “Brand associations are the informational nodes in memory that contain the meaning of the brand for consumers” (Keller, 1993). Keller (1998) depicts various types of brand associations such as attributes (product-related and non-product related), benefits (functional, experiential and symbolic) and attitudes. The brand image reflects what a customer thinks about a brand. The base of the brand image is created by customer beliefs about a brand. For years, many researchers agreed about the brand image’s importance. Nevertheless, the definition lacks concordance. The value of the brand image can be set on a many factors…show more content…
Keller’s definition (1993) is the “consumer perceptions of a brand as reflected by the brand associations held in consumers’ memory”. The definition seems to be the most used. Herzog (1963) states that “a brand image is the sum of common impressions received from many sources”. All of these quotes form a general understanding of a brand identity. Brand image can be either planned in accordance with the strategy of the seller, or it can be formed by the environment factors surrounding the customer, such as the word of mouth, competitor advertising, usage reviews, etc. The brand image creates the perception regarding the positive or negative image of the product (D'Esopo and Almquist,…show more content…
In 2016, both of them scored 110. This shows that Chinese companies are learned how to develop innovation. French brands’ domestic and international situation French brands are well known worldwide. For French companies, brands are important. In the luxury, gastronomy sectors, consumer goods’ field, and even in the communications sectors, major French brands are internationally active and visible. The brand portfolios held by groups such as LVMH, L'Oreal, Accor, Sanofi, Pernod Ricard, BIC, or Orange, give French companies an economic and strategic advantage. In France, national economy is strengthened by the fashion industry. Every year, it generates 35 billion in sales. Worldwide, France is the leader in the three categories: perfumes and cosmetics, haute couture and finest jewelry. Even during economics crisis, these sectors create growth. 43 percent of the advertising expenses are invested in these sectors. French companies developed strategies based on differentiation, on premium offers, which help create and develop strong brands. Thus, they strengthen the attractiveness of other sectors, such as gastronomy, wine, interior design and

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