Animal Conservation Of Animals

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Introduction – Mammals are the highest developed group of animals having an amazing diversity of species occupying almost all ecological niches. *They are an important economic resource for man. *They are useful to human beings both directly aswell as indirectly. But a few of them are harmful to man. As food – *Mammals have been source of food since ancient time and are hunted by humans for food. *Even today, many mammals serve as food and provide various types of meat as well as meat products.…show more content…
Oil –*Oil obtained from the blubber of whale is used in oil lamps as well as in making soap. *The oil of sperm whale is used as lubricant. Glue and gelatin – *Bones, horns and hoofs of mammals yield glue and gelatin. Ivory – *Ivory is obtained from the tusks of elephant and walrus which is used for making toys, jewellery as well as decoration materials Perfumes – *The musk gland of musk deer is widely used in the preparation of perfumes. * Ambergris of sperm whale is used as a base in perfumes. As pollinators – *Arboreal mammals (monkeys, bats, squirrel) move from one tree to another in search of food and thus help in bringing about pollination of flowers. * According to Animal Research Institute (1983),

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