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Bits’Bites cafe is an italian cafe chain that is founded in 2002.It is owned and operated in H & D LKY, which has its corporate headquarters in New York.The founder of the company was Elle Asher, a woman with dreams and goals of making a place that is not only cozy but would also make her customers feel more than just a cafe but a home to them and serves the best coffee that she herself created. She started her first cafe outlet in Albany, and her business flourished and has since led the organization to becoming a popular cafe in France.As of November 2012, the organization has a total of 402 branches including the franchised stores with a estimated of 708 employees extending all over France. The organization is well known…show more content…
Internal Search Recruitment Internal recruitment is a strategy portrayed by advancing workers from inside an organization to fill up upcoming positions. It can be effective for retaining top performers and demonstrating commitment to employee development. According to (D’Annunzio-Green,1977), companies must carefully balance the advantages of promotion from within, with the developmental needs of the local workforce and community. Advantages and Disadvantages of internal search approach: Advantages of internal search approach: Less expensive and faster to select Individuals effectively acquainted with the business and how it works Gives chances to advancement with in the business – can propel Business definitely knows the qualities and shortcomings of hopefuls Disdvantages of internal search approach: Limits the quantity of potential candidates No new thoughts can be presented from outside May cause hatred amongst competitors not named Creates another opening which should be filled External Search…show more content…
Method of External Search Recruitment There are a various ways of method for external search recruitment.Two of the most commonly known example is press advertisements and online job postings where the organization will have to come up with detailed requirements for the different job positions available. - Press Advertisements & Online Job Postings These two methods are much more economical and will be able to gain recognition and brings about awareness of the candidates within a short period of time which will be able to allow the organization to select from a broader range of candidates as compared to other external search method such as placement agencies, job fairs and etc. There are a few examples of press advertisement and online job posting website such as JobsDB and Classified in The Straits Time. ( A sample of the advertisment can be found in Appendix

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