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Audrey Flack Audrey Flack is an American artist born in 1931. She lived in New York for most of her life where she studied Fine Arts. She then went onto travelling the world displaying her artworks. Audrey Flack started out with photography and progressed from film based photography to digital photography throughout her career. (1) This painting, Madame Jolie (1973) is a still life oil painting that depicts jewellery, a jug, many trinkets, fruit, a glass and what could be old perfume bottles. Through this painting Flack was hoping to explore reflective surfaces and textures which is what drive her to choose, mirrors, metal jewellery, crystal beads as well as the porcelain statue, glass items and fruits. The whole combination looks as if it’s a woman’s vanity table. This is usually something very personal and tells us that the items on the table could be very special and symbolic with great meaning to the owner. Such as the jewellery that represents the wealth and of the The velvety red of the rose symbolises love and passion. The porcelain cupid figure also holds the sane symbolism but also represents desire alongside love and passion. The fruit close by could be seen as a symbol for fertility and childbearing. The watch depicted represents the uncontrollable manner in which time keeps moving. The highlights on…show more content…
.She achieved great precision of super realism in her paintings by projecting a colour slide onto a blank canvas and drawing over it. Super realism is an art movement that started in america in the 1960’s, it’s art aiming to look as realistic as possible. She used bright coloured oil paints on canvas to create this piece. The bright colours help create the mood and ‘story’. It’s very obvious that there is added reflection and light to the painting to create texture that adds more depth to the painting such as the highlight on the fruit mentioned

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