Security Issues In Nursing

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On Saturday 10/03/2015 at 0005 hours, Security was dispatched to 5 West Unit due to a report of a female patient who was entering the room of another patient. Security Supervisor Steven Evans along with Officers Carlos Ayuso and Omar Alonso arrived at 007 hours and initially met with Patient Techs Maria Briseno and Kevin Byrd. Both, Techs stated that they had observed the female patient from Room #5123, Maria A. Martinez, walked down the hallway with her I.V. pole and then enter room #5109. She exited the room a few minutes later with her I.V. pole but also carrying a bedpan that had a towel stuffed inside and that she was acting in a suspicious manner. They also stated that the nurse assigned to that particular room had left her work bag in…show more content…
Security Supervisor Evans advised both nurses that what could be done to recover the property would be to visit with the patient and explain the situation at hand and then ask for permission to search the room and her belongings, if for some reason she refused to do so then the next step would be up to the Nurse if she wanted to call the Police at that time. Security Officers Evans and Alonso escorted Charge Nurse Haakmat and Nurse Ferrer to the patient’s room and permission was granted by the patient with no coercion to check the room. The patient then began to empty the contents of her purse in front of the Medical and Security staff. The missing perfume bottle appeared from inside the bag and was given to Nurse Ferrer but Security Supervisor Evans and Officer Alonso noticed that the patient never really completely emptied her bag and Officer Alonso asked her to comply a second time and empty the bag completely. The orange colored container of hand lotion then also was found and was also given to Nurse

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