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Executive Summary: The role of the managers in the organization has gained the great importance in the competitive market at present situation. They are responsible for carrying out the Management functions i.e. Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. The effectiveness and the efficiency with which the managers work can lead the organization at the highest peak of success. This assignment revolves around the job of the manager and his interaction with the people within or outside the organization. In this report main pressure is laid upon the how the individuals working in the big organizations are dependent on each other. With the help of one of my friends I managed to interview the manager of David Jones, who deals with the fragrance…show more content…
David Jones Limited, trading as David Jones is an up-market Australian departmental store chain. It was founded in 1838 and it currently has 37 stores located in most Australian states and territories. In fragrance department it is offering Australian and International brands of men and women perfumes, deodorants, colognes. The David Jones brand continues to play a essential role as an influential retailer in fashion, beauty and home today. With a truly motivated take on our life, it connects public with the best Australian and international designers in the world. (David Jones) As I do not have managerial experience, this report is based on analysis and interview with manager of fragrance Department who has spent 3 years, working for the David Jones Limited, departmental store as a Counter manager and Beauty consultant in fragrance department, overseeing 13 people. This report has helped me to conceptualize the systemic nature of managerial work. My friend has kindly discussed and agreed to analyze about his job and the associated people work for him and evaluate how he interact as a manager with them in the interview. In the following discussion I will explain the characteristics and the role of a manager and his connection with the…show more content…
It explains the level of interaction and conduct in the structure or the company. Interdependency is a dynamic process of sharing a common set of principles with others. In organization groups and individuals may work relatively independently, but at the end of the day they need to rely on each other for information and resources to make sure that the goals are achieved in an effective and efficient way. Interdependency is generally achieved through co-ordination which is the process of linking the activities of the various departments and different individuals of an organization according to some plans.

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