Common Themes In Shakespeare's Macbeth Still Relevant Today

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Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, is over 400 years old and it is still read in the schools and performed in theatres. Although it is very old but it could be still interpreted in a way that is still relevant today. Human beings like in Shakespearian times are still motivated by the greed, ambition and jealously for money and power. Macbeth’s unchecked ambition to become a king is an example of the depths to which a person sinks to get what others have. The universality of these human conditions/ themes in Shakespeare’s writings is the reason which makes it still relevant to the individuals around the globe today. People of any time and any age tend to want to relate to play. The exquisite language of the play and its high relevance is the reason…show more content…
It’s one of the major themes of the play and as well as in the human nature. Being guilty is the part of the being humans. Sooner or later we all experience guilt if we make a mistake or we fail to do the right thing. In Macbeth, the idea of guilt appears when Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth that killing king Duncan is sinful. Next in the murder scene, Macbeth is tormented by guilt and after that when he looks at his blood stained hands, he refers to his own hands as “Hangman’s hands”, which would be covered in the blood from the victims of the executions. Even after that when Lady Macbeth urges him to wash his hands, he realises the impossibility of washing away his guilt- "Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand? No, this hand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine, Making the green one red". Macbeth’s guilt takes the visual form of Banquo’s ghost and he gets really terrified realising Baquo has returned to accuse him- "Thou canst not say I did it. Never shake thy gory locks at me"! He tries sleeping at night but he feels that his guilt will never let him sleep peacefully again. References to sleeplessness reoccur in the play when Lady Macbeth asks him about it - “You lack the season of all natures, sleep" Even when he does sleep he tormented by terrible dreams all because of his

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