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Job Satisfaction and Women’s Turnover Intentions in Pakistan’s Private Organization Abstract: The reason of this study is to test the impact of women’s job satisfaction on their turnover intentions, particularly for those employed in the education sector. Using a sample drawn from two different universities in Lahore, Pakistan, we measure their levels of job satisfaction by evaluating their general working conditions, pay and potential for promotion, professional relationships, use of skills and abilities, and activities assigned. We find that flexible working hours, workplace location, performance appraisal, and skills utilization have a highly positive significance on turnover intentions, while professional autonomy, job security, and promotion…show more content…
A person with high level of job satisfaction holds positive feelings about his or her job, while a person with low level holds negative feelings. The degree of job satisfaction can be determine by various factors such as, pay scale, employer’s attitude, skill variety, motivation, job security, working environment, task identity, and feedback. A worker’s daily work routine, under favorable working conditions, leads to job satisfaction; many studies have empirically tested this idea. Katz (1978) examines the relationship between job satisfaction and five task characteristics: (i) skill variety, (ii) task identity, (iii) task significance, (iv) autonomy, and (v) feedback on performance. The author’s results show that each of these characteristics is directly related to job satisfaction. Our aim is, specifically, to determine the relationship between job satisfaction and turnover intentions among women in public sector universities/colleges in Pakistan.…show more content…
Giving them paid maternity leave is also the reason of their job satisfaction. 4. Promotion: Giving promotion to them make them satisfied with their job. As everyone want to be a part of the management team. 5. Incentive: Giving incentives to the employees to increase the level of output is the basic strategy of the companies. By this, the worker’s productivity increases, and they get satisfied with their job. 6. Work Appraisal: Everyone wants to be the employee of the month in their organization and get appraised by the management. Giving appraisal to women when they work beyond their job description makes them satisfied. 7.Relationship with colleagues: Every person wants friendly relationship with their co-workers. Employees spend 8-10 hours daily at their workplace and friendly relationship with fellow colleagues is mandatory for them and having good co-workers is the basic need for every worker. 8.Voice in decision: Every employee wishes to have a voice in decision making. Including employees in decision making matters and consider their suggestion make them satisfied. 9.Job Security: Due to high competition in job market, every person want job security as finding new job is a difficult task. Giving job security to women workers makes them

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