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1.0 Introduction This paper reports on a study that was conducted to explore the potential dimensions of service quality in a fast-food restaurants in South Africa. The research deduced quantitative insight from the opinions and attitudes of customers at Dorego’s. The main aim of the research was to obtain facts about what customers want, what they expect, and if they plan to recommend or not to return to the restaurant again. The findings of this research will enable the management of Dorego’s to know exactly what areas to target for improvement. Customer satisfaction refers to “the degree to which a business’s product or service performance matches up to the expectations of the customer. If Performance is below then the customer is dissatisfied”…show more content…
Captain Dorego’s commonly referred to as Dorego’s, is a fast-food franchise that was opened by the Dorego’s brothers in Cape Town in the early seventies with the big idea of serving high quality quick food. The franchise was born when their brother in Bloemfontein joined later. Over the past thirty years, the brilliant idea of serving high quality fast-food has grown well into over fifty-four fast food franchises in and around South Africa. All Dorego’s stores share a common identity mainly through the use of their meaningful and striking colours, trademarks and store designs; thus achieving quick recognition by the public. The franchise offers savvy entrepreneurs a chance to pursue a franchise opportunity with a successful team. Captain Dorego’s has mostly targeted the black market ( The Dorego’s menu offers an alternative choice of fried and grilled fish and chicken, hamburgers, toasted sandwiches and a full range of salads and beverages. Available are also a variety of fresh and frozen seafood in the delis which sometimes sell raw seafood products in some of its major stores. Captain Dorego’s menu flexibility provides value for money to all income groups in all…show more content…
This was done with the intention of assisting the specific outlet in changing or coming up with certain marketing strategies that will be helpful in acquiring new customers as well as improving customer satisfaction and their perception of Dorego’s. The outcome of this research should aid Captain Dorego’s in identifying the areas that need improvement and whether or not the franchise should improve its services and menu. The research objectives as well as sub-objectives appear

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