Loyalties In The Hotel Industry

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From the discriminant analysis it can be inferred that the most important factors that contribute to the job based determinants among different levels of hotel employees are Interpersonal & guest relationship skills, responsibility, demand of abilities, skills & experience, job fit, growth & learning opportunities and promotion have greater impact on employees. Monetary incentives or benefits are not the real contributor. Loyalty among the employees working in star category hotels is influenced by many factors. The hotels should not always focus in maximisation of profit, it should care for the employees too as they are the first customers of the hotel. The hotels should enhance the career potential of the employees through various training…show more content…
They are not aware of the value of their job. So, hotels either should recruit well trained employees or assign jobs to them after providing sufficient training. Job satisfaction plays a prominent role in success of the hotel industry. The hotel’s endeavour should be in satisfying their employees as it will increase the customer satisfaction leading to the rise of productivity and profitability of the hotel industry. The supervisors should set targets and boost the performance level of the employees. The communication between the employer and employee should be effective at all levels of the hotel management. The employers should be clear in showing their loyalty towards their employees by providing the benefits at the right time, creating an interactive working environment and maintaining a supportive work relationship. This will in turn induce loyalty among the employees to their…show more content…
Training should be considered as an important factor in satisfying the employees. The employees should be continuously updated with the new procedures followed in other hotels across the world. The hotels should provide opportunities to enhance skills for the employees and encourage them to use their

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