Advantages And Disadvantages Of Media

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In order for the learners to understand the difference between themselves and reality there are materials or resources that must be used in achieving this.Learning and teaching support material or resources refers to a spectrum of educational material that the teacher use in the classroom to support specific learning objectives, these are all the materials that facilitate learning and includes all resources that aid learning and teaching for both the teacher and the learner. The main purpose of this research is find out how learning and and teaching support material can act as a bridge between learners and reality. firstly, it is very important to remember…show more content…
Media assist learners to understand more about the real world. e.g if a life science teacher brings the structure of the heasrt to class, learners will get more knowldge and skills of the heart than they would if the lesson was conducted in theory. Disadvantages of the media. Media may be a distraction to learners. Media may be a distraction to learners in many ways. Leraners may not focus on the purpose of the lesson rather on the media used, e.g If a teacher uses images in a history class for a certain lesson, learners may concentrate on those images rather than on the purpose or the message behind those pictures. This becomes a problem become the objectives of the lesson are never met. Economical standards of the school. There are schools which are previously disadvantaged and they do not have enough and adequate resources or good infrasructure that can support the use of different kinds of media, i.e most rural area schools do not have electricity and do not have water and sanitation. Electronic media such as Overhead projectors and Computers cannot be used because economical conditions of the school has to be taken into account. Level of maturity of
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